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7 Software for Eye Exercises

Gadgets are increasingly becoming a need for almost everyone. We use them daily to communicate, do online transactions, and work. Most of the time, we also use smartphones to stream videos and binge on favorite series. You never realized that you are already consuming too much screen that will possibly give eye strains. 

Apart from the common eye exercises that you can do, such as blink breaks, palm exercises, and the 20-20-20 rule, there are eye exercises applications that you can download on your mobile phones. 

Check out some of the best eye exercise applications from the succeeding sections. 

Eyes Recovery Workout

If you are someone who takes for granted performing basic eye exercises, you can use this application. It has a notification system that sets reminders for every user on upcoming sessions. This application for Android users has various eye exercises for better vision and to protect you from eye strain. The whole session lasts for about five minutes with six exercises. You will have voice instructions and illustrations to understand and follow each exercise quickly. 


The application from the App Store offers twelve exercises for the eyes. You do not need to worry about what eye exercises to do first. The software already grouped the exercises depending on the time of the day. During the day, the application makes sure that your eyes will have their dose of exercises. The application also sets a reminder for you to set aside what you’re doing and devote a few minutes to your eyes’ health. 

Eye Exercises

Anything that involves extended eye focus always strains the eyes – either using mobile phones, reading books, or work-related time on computers. Sometimes, you do not have the time to take even a few minutes to stretch your eye muscles. Eye Exercises software provides you with options to fit a few exercises in your hectic schedule. 

It can be a short 5-minute eye exercise during your study or office breaks or longer sessions up to 20 minutes. The excellent feature of this application for Android users is that it provides statistics so you can keep track of your progress after your sessions. 

Optics trainer: vision training and eye exercises

If you find basic exercises to be conventional, why not combine them with some fun. Optics Trainer is an iOS application where you will need to perform eye exercises through games. 

The application has 14 incredible activities to try. Each game aims to develop visual skills like dynamic acuity, eye movements, eye-hand coordination, and peripheral vision, to name a few. With this, you give your eyes enough exercise, not just to avoid strain but to strengthen your eye muscles. 

The impossible letter game

You probably saw this application when you were browsing through social media channels. The Impossible Letter Game, available for iOS and Android users, is another alternative application to keep your eyes healthy and prevent stress. 

Your aim for this exercise is to find the mismatched letter. While finding that one letter that’s different from the group, you allow your eyes to move from one side to another, making the muscles in motion. 

It looks easy at first look, but the exercise is a little bit of a challenge. Regardless, it is a scientifically proven fact that this eye exercise is good for your vision. 

Eye exercise and eye training plans

Upon installing this application on your Android smartphone, it will take your complete data. Then from that data, you will get an eye exercise plan solely designed for you. The exercises include those that will improve your peripheral vision, eye speed, and focus. 

Apart from eye exercises, the application provides information on your eye health and has a question and answer feature with a certified ophthalmologist. 


This is a mobile game and an eye exercise application that allows the brain to overcome age-related farsightedness. The training lets you adapt faster in cases of visual overflow or inability to identify objects or words in a paragraph. 

At the start of the game, the application will diagnose you to determine your vision problem. And based on the diagnosis, the application will provide you with a training system. You will then receive a progress report after each session. The application then adjusts your training based on your brain capabilities and the progress you are making. 

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